You don’t need 8 legs to kick off a game of Keno. It’s a cinch! You can purchase a Keno ticket in just a few taps via the Keno App or website, all you have to do is: 

Meet Ken - likeable larrikin, legendary cephalopod, and lover of Keno.

Now, Ken’s not your average Kraken. He‘s less mythical monster, more of a ‘social creature’. He enjoys hanging out with his mates, spinning a yarn, and he prefers to devour a good schnitty over a sailor (far too chewy).

A solitary life in the depths was never for Ken. That’s why, one fateful full moon, following a minor altercation with a Sperm Whale (he started it), Ken decided to beach himself by the twinkling lights of a local surf club.

Upon slinking his way inside, Ken was invited to join in a game of Keno by a friendly pod of locals. That’s when it all came together. Before long they were having a great time - picking numbers and sharing tales of the 7 seas.

These days Ken’s a real legend down at the club and can often be found using his 8 legs to kick off a game with just about anyone. If you see him, say hello.

The legend of Ken

How to play Keno

Keno is the classic numbers game that brings mates together for more fun than you can poke a tentacle at. Whether you’re watching the footy, eating a schnitty, or chatting to your aunt Beverley, just add Keno and you can turn your arvo into something legendary. Don’t believe us? Check these out:

It all comes together with Keno

''Who's got 8 legs and loves Keno?''

Ken, 2019

Step 1

Pick how many numbers you want to play.

Most people play 1 - 10, or you can play 15, 20 or 40

Step 2

Pick your favourite numbers, ranging from 1 - 80

Step 3

Pick how much you’d like to spend per draw

Step 4

Pick how many draws you’d like to play

Keep an eye on the Keno ball draw, and tentacles crossed you're onto a winner!

Step 5

Tap Play and BOOM! You're done!

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